My name is Kornél Lehőcz. Originally from Hungary, having lived in Croatia, South Africa, and England, I currently reside in the town of Lüneburg in Germany.

I am a programmer coming from a game development background (Invictus, Bizarre Creations, Eidos, etc...). One of my hobbies in the past few years has been photography. This has inspired me to take an interest in the algorithms used to make the most out of digital camera images.

Scarab Labs is my venture into image processing software development. I'm committed to creating some really cool applications in this field. Scarab Labs's first product was a filter plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, but I also have a more ambitious project that's already available, but is also under continuous development: Scarab Darkroom, a fast and easy-to-use raw converter and photo editor.

Scarab Darkroom started as a hobby project in 2006. In 2008 I decided to quit my daytime job to work on the software full-time. Since then it has grown to over 50.000 lines of code. If you like this program, please support its continued development by buying the premium version!

I am also available for contract programming work / consulting. You can find my CV here.