Scarab Darkroom 2.28

Scarab Darkroom 2.28 has been released. This update brings bug-fixes: two of these fix a crash, which could occur when working with very large raw files (although they may not have affected the officially supporter raw files). Another small bug fixed concerns the directory window - when collapsing "My computer" / "This PC", there was an issue.

The earlier version 2.27 fixed the missing highlight recovery button in version 2.26, and added a missing dll to the installer, which prevented the program from starting on some older CPU-s, like many of the early Core 2 Duo-s. There was also an issue with colours of the Canon EOS 5D III and potentially a few other cameras, which has been fixed. Another minor change is that the program now automatically maximises its window when starting, if it was maximised in the previous session.


MacOS Catalina compatibility of plug-ins

The version of the star filter for Photoshop which is online is not yet compatible with Catalina. I do have a version which works on most systems - in case you have bought the plug-in, and would like to try this version, drop me an email! A new version will go online very soon.

The After Effects version of the star filter is compatible with Catalina, but it has not been notarized by Apple, so it requires setting an exception for it in the macOS security settings. A notarized version will be available soon.